Lith-Ex 6 Litre Fire Extinguisher

A unique solution to an otherwise unsolved problem. Effective lithium battery fire protection designed and tested to tackle the dangers posed by battery fires across a range of applications.

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The AVD mist fire suppression technology works to prevent the propagation of heat and effectively suppress the flames. This 6 litre fire extinguisher is ideal for combatting lithium battery fires that occur within factory or office spaces. Cool the fire source, contain the blaze and protect against further damage with results that are unachievable with other agents. A necessity where high quantities of lithium battery devices are present.

Model Lith-Ex 6 Litre Fire Extinguisher
Brim Full Capacity 7.78 litres
Agent Weight (approx.) 6.6 kg
Total Weight of Unit 10.7 kg
Total Height 522 mm
Total Diameter Canister 170 mm
Operating Temperature +5°C to +60°C
Discharge Time (approx.) 120 seconds
Discharge Range (approx.) 1.5 to 2 metres
Operating Pressure * 15 bar
Extinguishing Agent AVD
Propellant Nitrogen (He Tracer)
Units per Box 1