Alcohol Breathalysers

The SENTINEL is a fully automated breath alcohol screening system for employee, contractor and visitor access control. SENTINEL alcohol screening is self-administered, non-invasive and non-contact. No consumables or operator attendance is required. The SENTINEL is engineered for rapid and repeatable high volume screening in the Mining, Oil and Gas, and Construction industries. Its robust design, field proven alcohol sensing technology and ease of use provide long working life and exceptional subject compliance. Make SENTINEL your partner in workplace alcohol safety.

Unlock the power of the FC20 portable breath alcohol tester, a precision instrument providing you with the fastest most reliable results. The FC20 offers users a fully integrated solution for all your screening & evidentiary alcohol testing needs.

The FC10 Portable Breath Alcohol Tester is the true workhorse of breathalyzers. Widely used by Law Enforcement and Corrections the FC10 combines high precision, ease of use and ruggedness with affordability. The Lifeloc FC10 includes direct BAC testing and passive alcohol screening in one instrument. Passive testing does not require a mouthpiece and is perfect for rapid “zero tolerance” alcohol screening of subjects and “sniffing” of open containers. Known for its long life and fast recovery times, the FC10 is likely the only breath alcohol tester you will ever need.

The economical FC5 Hornet from Lifeloc Technologies is a new generation of passive alcohol sensor for use in environments such as schools, high visibility traffic enforcement, probation, jails, mining and related safety sensitive industries. Screening for the presence of alcohol has never been easier. The FC5 is totally noninvasive and does not require the co-operation of the subject. No mouthpieces or special attachments are required. The FC5 can be used to detect alcohol vapor in subjects, open containers and even the ambient environment. It is simple to learn, operate and read as it displays large and easy to interpret icons