Body Harnesses

Need more information about attachment points’ on a harness and a particular function?

Here is a quick snapshot on the various attachments on a harnesses and their functions:

DORSAL ATTACHMENT POINT: This attachment point is located on the ID plate on the back of the harness between the shoulder blades. The Dorsal attachment point is ideal for fall arrest purposes because it evenly distributes the forces of fall arrest across a person’s body. It is suitable for standard site work or platform working, where the worker only needs to be attached with no other requirement for climbing, work positioning.

STERNAL ATTACHMENT POINT: The ergonomically placed Sternal D ring on the chest area of the Harness is used as a front attachment point for fall protection when using a guided type of fall arrester while climbing or entering a confined space.

LATERAL ATTACHMENT POINT: The 2 Lateral D-rings located on the sides in the lower waist area of the harness are used for work positioning. It allows a worker to have both their hands free to work while they remain connected to the work area. It should be noted that these attachment points are not to be used for fall arrest, but instead this system is a form of fall restraint.

VENTRAL ATTACHMENT POINT: This attachment point is located in the centre of the waist level of the Harness. It is used for rope access, rescue and many other applications.