Fire Extinguisher Co2 2kg Alloy Steel

This 2kg Alloy Steel Fire Extinguisher is the lightest in our range designed for fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards.
Co2 fire extinguishers are most suitable for class C (electrical) fires.

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Fire Rating: 8B

This 2kg CO2 alloy steel extinguisher is specifically designed for fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards, Class C and Class B fires. Our top quality SANS 1567 certified carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are cased in steel or aluminium, and are purposefully designed to be user-friendly.

The body and components of the CO2 extinguisher is constructed to provide easy, safe maintenance to SABS 1475 specification by qualified SAQCC technicians. The total mass of a fully equipped, fully charged extinguisher (excluding the bracket) will not exceed 23kg and shall be equal to that marked on the extinguisher subject to a tolerance of ±5%.

Our CO2 extinguishers are suitable for the marine, industrial, automotive and commercial environment such as hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, paint shops, fast food chains, clothing and fabric industries, industrial units, offices and other.

Cylinder Height 585mm
Diameter 103mm
Mass Empty 4.3kg
Mass Full 6.5kg
Discharge >8sec
Effective Range 1-3m
Working Pressure 174Bar
Test Pressure 250Bar
Safety Device Bursting Disc 200±20Bar


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