Fire Extinguisher WATER 9kg

The Water 9KG Fire Extinguishers are suitable for Class A fires caused by the combustion of solid materials, mainly of organic origin, such as: wood, paper, straw, textiles, coal etc.
Not for use on electrical equipment or electrical fires.

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Height 580mm
Diameter 175mm
Mass Empty 3.9kg
Mass Full 12.9kg
Discharge >12sec
Effective Range 3-12m
Discharge Nozzle Hose & Horn
Working Temperature -15/+60°C
Working Pressure 1400kPa
Test Pressure >2100kPa
Burst Pressure >5500kPa
Safety Device ±2200kPa
Neck Ring Thread M30 x 1.5
Pressure Indicator Ø23 M10 x 1.0
Outlet Thread G ¼” x 19
Syphon Tube M16 x 1.5


Firebreak SA_Fire Extinguisher_Water_9kg