Fire Extinguisher DCP 9kg

The DCP 9kg Fire Extinguishers is the largest fire extinguisher in the range and suitable for big fires.

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Fire Rating: 27A/183B
Safequip’s range of stored pressure dry chemical powder extinguishers is suitable for class A (combustible materials), class B (flammable or combustible liquids) and/or class C (electrical) fires or a combination of ABC class fires. All the extinguishers supplied conform to the minimum fire ratings as specified in SANS 1910:2009.

They are highly effective for electrical hazards. This multi-purpose extinguisher interferes with the combustion process and provides rapid fire knockdown. They are ideal for mixed fire risk environments and especially suited for the protection of liquids, storage of liquid gases and heating oils used for industry, garages and workshops.

Dry chemical powders have been developed over a period of thirty years and can be supplied as Alpha Dynaflo (SABS grade 3A/5B) an ultra-high performance product or in various grades down to our alpha megaflop 40% which carries a 2A/2B rating. The powders are siliconised for superior flow and anti-caking. Operating heads are made of brass with either zinc or chrome plating; steel epoxy coated carrying handle and discharge lever, fitted with a safety relief valve and pressure gauge.

Cylinder Height 545mm
Diameter 178mm
Mass Empty 4.2kg
Mass Full 13.2kg
Discharge >12sec
Working Pressure 1400kPa
Test Pressure 2100kPa
Burst Pressure >5500kPa
Safety Valve ±220kPa


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