A unique solution to an otherwise unsolved problem. Effective lithium battery fire protection designed and tested to tackle the dangers posed by battery fires across a range of applications.

Fires involving Lithium batteries cannot be extinguished with regular extinguishing agents, because when a battery goes into ‘thermal runaway’, it goes into thermal rampage, so to speak. This is accompanied by very high temperatures and a lot of gas formation. The Lith-Ex AVD fire extinguishers have been specially developed for quickly and safely controlling lithium-ion battery fires.

AVDfire offers a range of lithium battery fire extinguishers to help fight the flames and prevent the propagation of fire. Ideal for use in factories, offices and other locations where lithium battery technologies are prominent.


How does the AVD extinguisher work?

AVD is a water-based dispersion of chemically exfoliated vermiculite. It is applied to fires of lithium batteries as a spray, extinguishing the fire and preventing fire engulfment. As a result, AVD is able to stop “thermal runaway”.

The ingredient vermiculite is a natural non-combustible mineral and is non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment.

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