Lith-Ex 1 Litre Fire Extinguisher

Protect, control and stop lithium battery fires fast. Tried and tested to protect against the blaze, our lithium battery fire extinguishers are designed to safely extinguish the flames and prevent re-ignition.

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When it comes to putting out a lithium battery fire, AVD works to provide results that are unachievable when using alternative agents. Our 1 litre fire extinguisher provides effective lithium battery fire protection to prevent the propagation of heat when applied as a mist. The AVD coating also acts as a fire break.

Ideal for use in factories, offices and other locations where lithium battery technologies are prominent. Make an enquiry today to discuss your requirements.

Model Lith-Ex 1 Litre Fire Extinguisher
Brim Full Capacity 1.24 litres
Agent Weight (approx.) 1.1 kg
Total Weight of Unit 2.1 kg
Total Height 320 mm
Total Diameter Canister 85 mm
Operating Temperature +5°C to +60°C
Discharge Time (approx.) 25 seconds
Discharge Range (approx.) 1.5 to 2 metres
Operating Pressure * 15 bar
Extinguishing Agent AVD
Propellant Nitrogen (He Tracer)
Units per Box 10