Lith-Ex 9 Litre Fire Extinguisher

Specifically designed as a solution to the threat caused by lithium battery fires. Defend against damage and safely control the flames with Lith-Ex, the first choice for lithium battery fire protection.

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Achieve results that are unobtainable with conventional extinguishing agents and prevent the propagation of fire with a Lith-Ex 9 litre fire extinguisher. AVD is a pioneering fire extinguishing agent that has been tried and tested as effective lithium battery fire protection. Lith-Ex fire suppression technology is suitable for use in factories, offices and other locations where there are significant numbers of lithium battery devices.

Model Lith-Ex 9 Litre Fire Extinguisher
Brim Full Capacity 11.33 litres
Agent Weight (approx.) 9.9 kg
Total Weight of Unit 15 kg
Total Height 664 mm
Total Diameter Canister 170 mm
Operating Temperature +5°C to +60°C
Discharge Time (approx.) 180 seconds
Discharge Range (approx.) 1.5 to 2 metres
Operating Pressure * 15 bar
Extinguishing Agent AVD
Propellant Nitrogen (He Tracer)
Units per Box 1