Weldstop Fire Blanket

Weldstop Welding Blanket
Weldstop is a medium duty asbestos-free, woven glass fibre welding blanket containing molten metal with a high degree of flexibility, the WBN11 welding blanket conforms to BS EN 476-8 and has a 2 hour fire rating.

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• Abrasion resistant
• Asbestos free
• Flexible
• Tear resistant
• FORTAGLAS™ fabric with highly flexible Weldstop™ finish, giving low dust emission characteristics
• Enhanced with mineral salts and vermiculite to increase performance
• Silicon coating to suppress irritant dusts and enhances performance
• Designed as a horizontal weld stop
• Will hold 35g of molten metal at 1500ºC
• BS EN 476-8


Firebreak SA Weldstop Fire-Blanket