Regulation 7 First Aid Kit and Box

Items Included:
4pcs * Triangular Bandage N/Woven
2pcs * Swabs 75*75*8 ply sterile 5’s
1pc * Swabs 75*75*8 ply non sterile 25’s
2pcs * Safety pins bunch
1pc * Scissors First Aid
2pcs * Respaid CPR mouthpiece
1pc * Plaster 10’s
1pc * Plaster Adhesive 25mm*3m
1pc * Plaster Anti-allergy 25mm*3m
4prs * Gloves
1pc * Forcep plastic
4pcs * F.A.D. No.3
4pcs * F.A.D. No.5
1pc * Cotton wool 100gr
1pc * Cetrimide solution 100ml
4pcs * Bandage Conforming 75mm
4pcs * Bandage Conforming 100mm
1pc * Blood Spill Kit
2pcs * Splints
Includes First Aid Metal Wall Mounted Box


Firebreak SA_Regulation 7 First Aid Kit and Box