Multi-Purpose Pry Axe

The Pry Axe® has been the best-selling tool for over 40 years and is used by departments worldwide.

It’s a lightweight, multi-purpose, slam and ram tool designed to pry, twist, chop, cut metal, twist off locks or latches and much more.

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This efficient tool allows forcible entry by a single person when time is critical.

Pry Axe® heads are forged from alloy steel and heat-treated for maximum strength.

The claws are stainless steel investment castings that are heat-treated and electro-polished.

Solid steel shaft extends the axe to 25″ and rubber sleeve provides a sure grip.

Recessed blade
Axe blade
Molded grip
Spanner wrench
Extended shaft
Claw shaft
Shaft release
Standard claw w/ gas shutoff
Metal Cutting Claw with Nail Puller

Safety Data Sheet

Firebreak SA_Multi-Purpose Pry Axe