LifeLoc FC20™ Breathalyzer – Kit

Unlock the power of the FC20 portable breath alcohol tester, a precision instrument providing you with the fastest most reliable results.

The FC20 offers users a fully integrated solution for all your screening and evidentiary alcohol testing needs.

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Lifeloc’s top of the line professional breath alcohol testing devices, the FC20 is the most advanced and feature rich on the market. Our premium tester includes all the features of the FC10 in addition to standard 4000 test memory, customizable printing options and computer interface with keyboard options.

The FC20 operating system is built for user flexibility. It allows full agency and departmental customization of important security functions and testing protocols. Lifeloc “Sequence” software ensures each step of the testing process can be tailored to your specific test protocol and user situation.

The optional keyboard allows for easy data entry of operator and subject designated information such as location or subject ID. Printing options include Thermal, Impact, or direct printing from your PC using Lifeloc software. Wireless or direct connect.


LifeLoc FC20™ Breathalyzer – Kit