Lalizas Lifejacket 150N

ISO 12402-3
This lifejacket comes in three main options, suitable for infants, children and adults. It is specifically designed to turn the unconscious user n a face-up position on time and to offer support for the head. A large flotation collar supports the user’s head keeping it out of water.

It has a crotch strap for keeping the vest securely when in the water, while the baby (72067) and the child (72068 & 71077) ones aksi feature fabric diapers. It has one webbing fastener, Laizas whistle (70010, certified per ISO 12402-7&8), plastic zip and SOLAS Retroreflective Tapes (70180).

An end rope with plastic button is fixed as the end of the lifejacket for adjustable wearing. Approved to the latest European Standards for 150N Lifejacket and ISO 12402-4. All of its raw materials are certified per IOS 12402-7 & ISO 12402-8 for higher strength.


Instruction Manual

150N lifejackets are intended for general application offshore or for use with foul weathering clothing. It will turn an unconscious person into a safe position and requires no subsequent action by the user to maintain.

– Practice & training are required with this device before use.
– Store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Don’t expose the lifejacket/Buoyancy Aid to excessive heat.
– Do not use as a cushion.
– Wash after use in fresh warm water by using a mild detergent only. Do not machine wash, dry clean or use stain removers.
– Close zip & buckle(s), if any. Tighten cords, if any.Adjust belt(s).
– Train yourself in the use of the device.
– Teach the child to float in this buoyancy aid/lifejacket.
– Full performance may not be achieved using waterproof clothing or in other circumstances.
– When using the lifejacket, do not use diapers which produce buoyancy.
– Max. life-span 10 years.
– Servicing intervals: every two years by the owner of the Personal Floatable Device.
– Check before use.
– Check usability every year.
– Use the whistle for attracting attention if necessary.

WARNING: Flotation Devices only reduce the risk of drowning. They do not guarantee rescue.


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