Karam Seize’em Rescue Kit

KARAM introduces Seize’em Rescue Kit specifically designed for Rescuing a suspended casualty from Fall Arrest Lanyards, Rope Safety Lines & Fall Arrest Blocks, all possible from a point of safety.


The Kit comes complete with a Full Body Harness (PN 56), Steel Karabiner (PN 113), Kernmantle Rope (PN 950K), Aluminium Double Pulley (AP 013), Rope Clamp (PN 402), Anchorage Webbing Sling (PN 803) & a Sturdy Bag (BG 20) with Sling for easy carrying.

The Kit is provided with a 3m with Telescopic Pole for extension to the fall victim, and hence does not require the rescuer to descend to the victim. Confirms to all relevant CE norms.


Firebreak SA_Karam Africa_Seize’em Rescue Kit_PN611