KARAM HS51 HPPE Liner with Black PU Coating

In metal fabrication, steel and automotive industry, handling of glass and metal sheets, ceramic industry, aerospace and transportation.

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KARAM Advantage:

This glove is constructed of unique high cut resistant fiber, which offers the strong protection with the highest Cut-Resistant rating in the KARAM range of Gloves.


Abrasion Resistance 4

Blade Cut Resistance 4

Tear Resistance 4

Puncture Resistance 3

TDM Resistance C

Colour: Black/White


Economical protection for good grip, dexterity and comfort
The polyurethane coating offers protection from oils in addition to good cut, tear and abrasion resistance
Ergonomic fit and conforms to hand shape
Open back design for better ventilation
Dark color helps to mask dirt on the gloves


Metal Fabrication
Good for engineering, steel and automotive industry
Handling of glass and metal sheets
Assembly tasks that require cut protection
Ceramic industry
Aerospace and transportation

Sizes: M, L and XL



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