Karam Full Body Tower Harness

PN 56 is a special Tower Harness in the KARAM range. Equipped with comfortable padding on shoulder, waist and the thigh pads, PN 56 is a comfortable harness and very versatile in use. It is the most popular Harness used for the purpose of carrying out rescue of a fall victim, by descent.



Consists of Dorsal and Sternal D-ring for Fall Arrest, two lateral D-rings at waist level on the sides for work positioning and one Ventral D-ring at waist level in front for rope access.


  • Two tool holder loops and a extra bigger handle at the back for keeping extra Karabiners and accessories.
  • Fully padded shoulder, thigh straps and work positioning belt with cushioned mesh net for better shock absorption and comfort to the user.
  • X-shaped construction wraps to reduce pressure points during prolonged suspension.


  • Equipped with Lanyard Keepers for placement of free lanyards.
  • The Karabiner at the front of the Harness enables the wearer to easily wear or remove the Harness by detaching


Firebreak SA_Karam Africa_PN 56