Karam Full Body Rope Access Harness

PN61 Consists of Dorsal and Sternal D-ring for Fall Arrest.
Two lateral D-rings at waist level on the sides for work positioning One Ventral D-ring at waist level in front for rope access.



Two tool holder loops and an extra bigger handle at the back for keeping extra Karabiners and accessories. Fully padded shoulders, thigh straps and work positioning belt with additional back support.
Airflow padding allows the air to flow inside the padding for sweat free feel.
X-shaped construction wraps to reduce pressure points during prolonged suspension along with ideally positioned elasticated straps for extended comfort.


Shoulder strap have combination buckle and thigh strap and leg strap buckles for easy adjustment.
The Karabiner at the front of the Harness enables the wearer to easily wear or remove the Harness by detaching. Adjustability available at the back, shoulders, waist, legs and thighs Lightweight hardware used to minimize the weight


Firebreka SA_Karam Africa_PN61