Hinged Door Cabinet 4.5kg & 9kg

Available in both the 4.5kg and a 9kg cabinet. Manufactured sing only SABS approved polyester resin and materials.

A fire can spread through a building in no time – injuring people, destroying assets and threatening the very existence of your business.

What makes it all the more tragic is that simple, proven steps can reduce the risk of accidents, and have visible safe storage and protection for your fire equipment.

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Safety storage cabinets serve several critical functions:

• Improve security with keyed locking mechanism, to ensure that only the appropriate persons will use it.
• Prevent theft of fire equipment
• Prolongs the life span of the fire equipment especially when outdoors, a fire cabinet will protect the fire equipment against all weather conditions.
• Protection against rust in a marine environment.

NOW Available in Poly-ethylene
4.5kg Specifications:
Height: 590mm
Depth: 280mm
Width: 340mm
Weight: 3.2kg

9kg Specifications:
Height: 690mm
Depth: 280mm
Width: 347mm
Weight: 3.6kg


Firebreak SA_Hinged Door Cabinet 4.5kg & 9kg