FallBreak Safety Harness – FBH02

Safety harness with dorsal and sternal attachment points.

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✓ Primary webbing 44mm (shoulder and leg straps)
✓ Leg straps adjustable with 2/3 bar buckles
✓ Adjustable 25mm chest strap with dee rings
✓ Fall arrest dee ring in dorsal position
✓ Belay loops in sternal position
✓ Plastic insert at dorsal dee ring
✓ Label

Material Properties

✓ Primary webbing breaking strength of 22kN
✓ Primary webbing 44mm polyester
✓ Fall arrest dee ring breaking strength of 3.3 ton
✓ Label 40mm textile material with thermal transfer
✓ 2/3 bar buckles alloy steel
✓ Thread polyester
✓ Thread contrasting colour to webbing colour
✓ Chest strap webbing 44mm polypropylene
✓ Chest strap 25mm dee rings alloy steel


Fallbreak_Safety Harness_FBH02_Data Sheet