FallBreak Lanyard Set – FBLT02

Lanyard set, double leg and detachable with energy absorber and snap hooks.

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✓ Lanyard webbing 44mm
✓ System 1.75m total length
✓ Double action spring loaded snap hooks
✓ Energy absorber in cover
✓ Oval screw-gate carabiner
✓ Label


✓ Lanyard webbing breaking strength of 22kN
✓ Lanyard webbing 44mm polyester
✓ Snap hooks alloy steel
✓ Snap hooks breaking strength 25kN
✓ Snap hooks double action spring loaded
✓ Tear webbing 44mm polyester
✓ Energy absorber cover 97mm heat shrink plastic
✓ Energy absorber max permissible force 600kg
✓ Energy absorber min rupture force 200kg
✓ Label 40mm textile material with thermal transfer
✓ Thread polyester Thread contrasting colour to webbing colour
✓ Oval screw-gate carabiner steel alloy
✓ Oval screw-gate carabiner breaking strength 22kN


Firebreak SA_Fallbreak_Lanyard Set_FBLT02_Data Sheet