EV Car Fire Blanket

EV Fire Blanket developed to contain high-temperature fires in electrical and hybrid vehicles.

Electric vehicle fires typically occur where there is a fault or damage in the Lithium ion battery and can very rapidly escalate and spread through the battery due to the “thermal runaway” effect.

Available sizing in 3m * 4m & 6m * 9m



The Fothershield EV Fire Blanket is designed to provide containment of these types of fires, starving the fire of oxygen to enable the creation of a more controlled environment in which to deal with the fire. The EV blanket also minimises potential damage to adjacent areas and vehicles.

Fothershield EV Fire Blankets perform up to 1600 °C and are manufactured with long handles to drag the blanket over the vehicle, as well as a robust storage bag to keep the blanket in a serviceable and accessible condition.


EV Charging points
Underground and multi-story car parks
Car workshops and showrooms
Service areas and filling stations
Car carriers and rail services
Fire, emergency and recovery services


High-temperature resistant, flexible and chemical resistant
Thermal application up to 1200 °C, melting point 1600 °C
Stitched in stainless steel and meta-aramid sewing thread
FR webbing strap (4 or 6)
Heavy duty drawstring bag in PVC coated polyester with water repellent finish


How to Use

Step 1

  • Ensure the blanket is sized appropriately for the vehicle.
  • Unroll blanket.
  • Center it behind the car or from the deployment direction.

Note: Full PPE and SCBA are to be worn at all times while deploying and handling any fire blanket exposed to the car. A minimum two-person deployment is needed.

Step 2

  • Grab handles, raise them high in the air, and briskly walk the blanket over the burning vehicle.

Note: Keep direct contact with the blanket with the car to a minimum, as sharp edges can tear the blanket during deployment.

Step 3

  • Center the blanket over the vehicle using the marking points on the blanket.

Note: Make sure the blanket is touching the ground on all sides. Step down on areas where the air may flow from under the blanket (there will always be some air entrained.)

Step 4

  • Use the strap to wrap the base of the blanket around the base of the car.

Note: This will help cut off oxygen and make sure that the blanket doesn’t blow off in high winds. Tools or weights can be used to secure the blanket.

Step 5

  • The blanket is deployed. Monitor with a thermal imaging camera.

Additional Notes: Best practice is also to spray the outside of the blanket with water. If possible, deploy an EV nozzle under the car to assist with cooling. The fire will continue to burn under the blanket. While there is no way to put the fire out, the blanket assists with containment and protection from exposures. By limiting oxygen, the fire will cool down but will not go out until the battery has completely burned out. Follow department SOPs and consult NFPA and other guidelines for handling the EV.

Fire in Electric Cars

Usable in Various Situations Follow steps 1-3. After the fire blanket has been placed tight to the ground, wait 2-3 minutes and listen. You have a thermal runaway if you hear strong fuzz sounds about every 3-15 seconds. Leave the fire blanket on until the sound stops. This is a small fire that goes from cell to cell. The fire blanket will prevent the small fire from spreading elsewhere in the car.


FirebreakSA EV Fire Blanket


Description                  High grade Silica fabric with Graflex™ finish

Finish                           Graflex™

Weave                         8-H Satin

Thickness                    0.7mm

Tensile Strength          Warp 2000 N/50mm, Weft 1200 N/50mm

Silica Content             95% Minimum