Convex Mirrors do a great job helping you with better visibility when it comes to blind spots.
The name Convex is because they have a mound in the middle to help you see around a wider radius.
They’ terrific for seeing people or images on blind corners or walls.
These could save a nasty crash just by being mounted in the right place so drivers and pedestrians can see each other coming.
Use Convex Mirrors in factories and warehouses where workers on foot need to see what’s coming, it might be a forklift or a bakkie.
Convex Mirrors is are so easy to install either on a wall or a post.

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Mirror size: 300, 450, 600 & 900mm diameter mirrors
Material: Silver acrylic mirror used for the lens, more break resistant than glass.
3.2mm Coated backing board.
Powder coated metal universal bracket suitable for both wall & pole mounting.
Rubber trim surround the circumference of the mirror making it suitable for all weather conditions.
Application: Internal and external applications. Assist in blind-spot surveillance.
Assist in giving a vision angle of an excess of 110 degrees.
Ideal use: Blind corners, driver awareness, warehousing, parking, general security.
Packaging: Individually bubble wrapped and packed in a box.
Availability: Usually ex-stock, locally produced.
Maintenance: Clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth


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