AWG Nozzles (Branch Pipes)

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The AWG firefighting equipment is very specialised and is Europe’s leading manufacturer of professional firefighting fittings and firefighting equipment, founded more than 100 years ago.

AWG provides end-to-end solutions for mobile and stationary fire prevention systems.


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AWG Nozzles are the latest evolution in selectable gallonage nozzles. The lightweight compact design makes it easier for firefighters to use and creates less torque from nozzle reaction increasing the overall control.

The unique gas cooling indicator and flush click indicator make AWG Turbo nozzles the easiest and safest nozzles for use in today’s firefighting environment.

AWG Turbo Twist is the only genuine jet and spray branch pipe, with its spring-loaded and self-locking bayonet connection a whole range of innovative nozzles can be attached in just seconds.

Along with all standard applications for applying extinguishing agents such as hollow stream, full jet and foam branch pipes, special application-specific attachments can be used to give you maximum firefighting flexibility while saving space on a safety vehicle.

It has an excellent spray jet, to improve the extinguishing effect and to dampen down gases and vapours.


AWG60249433: Jet Spray Curtain

AWG60578833: Turbo Nozzle

AWG30190533: Mini Jet Spray

AWG60431397: HS2O Universal Nozzle


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