3M™ Scott™ AFU-Airline Filtration Unit – 4 Man System

3M™ Scott™ Safety’s Airline Filtration Units remove particles, water and oil from breathable air supply for supplied air breathing apparatus.

The units can be used as standalone devices for airline breathing systems, or as part of the Modulair airline trolley system.


Two man airline filter unit (25 litres/second (53cfm) at 7 bar) comprising two high efficiency coalescing filters and one adsorption element within die cast housing, mounted on floor stand with pressure gauge and four CEN couplings on manifold outlet.

3M™ Scott™ Safety’s Airline Filtration Units have a three stage filtration system. In the first stage a high efficiency coalescing filter (the AO filter) removes particles down to 1 x 10-6 metres in size. The AA, high efficiency coalescing filter in the second stage moves oil mist, water aerosol and dirt particles down to 0.01 x 10-6 metres in size, leaving a maximum remaining oil content of 0.01mg/m3. In the third stage an AC filter, which is an adsorption bed of activated carbon, removes oil vapours and odours. At this stage the air has a maximum remaining oil content of 0.003mg/m3 at 21°C.
An auto-drain valve is fitted which allows water and other liquids to be drained off from the unit safely. An indicator is fitted to the first stage particulate filter which changes from green, indicating ‘safe mode’ to the red ‘warning mode’ when the filter element needs to be replaced.