240L Universal Spill Kit

Absorbs 140l Oils, Diesels, Hydraulic Oils, Fuel Spillages.

Items Included:

1 X 240l Wheelie Bin.

4 X 30l Coco Peat Absorbent (120l).

4 X Universal Absorbent Booms (4.8m In Total).

4 X Universal Pillows.

1 X Polyethylene Shovel.

1 X Industrial Broom.

1 X Pair Of Heavy Duty PVC Gloves.

1 X Pair Of Safety Goggles.

1 X Dust Mask.

5 X Heavy Duty Recovery Bags.

1 X Spill Instruction Guide.

1 X Inventory Guide.

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Firebreak SA_240L Universal Spill Kit