Firefighting Nozzle SS402

Stainless steel spinning teeth
All models may offered with stainless steel spinning teeth. All fog teeth are designed to provide superior pattern performance and outstanding firefighter protection without bent, broken, or missing teeth.

Flush without pattern adjustment or nozzle shut off.
Nozzles can be easily and effectively flushed of unwanted and pattern destroying debris that enters the nozzle without shutting down or changing pattern selection during hazardous firefighting conditions.

Index ring
Large, easy to grip index ring provides both visual and tactile indication of operational flow or flush.

Reflective labelling and permanent markings
Reflective clear coated labelling provides a visually reflective image at night or in dark conditions. High contrast laser engraved operational controls are permanently marked for a lifetime of rugged service.

Tactile pattern position indicator
Tactile indicator pre-set to straight stream position offers optional pattern selection detent or pattern lockout. The quick-change¼ Turn pattern adjustment allows straight stream to wide protective fog pattern with one simple hand motion.

Selectable Flow with Fixed Pressure
Optimal straight stream and fog pattern performance are achieved at the selected flow and single rated pressure.

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Inlet size: 1.5″ (38MM) BIC males Instantaneous

Length: 250MM

Weight: 3.8KG

Flow Settings: 115-230-360-475-570 @ 7 Bar



Firebreak SA_Firefighting Nozzle_SS402