FFX® Lion 9.0 FFX Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguisher

FFX® Lion is a fluorine-free, water additive with outstanding cooling, wetting and spreading properties that has been specifically designed to control lithium battery fires. Its unique surface-active properties offer fast cooling and temperature control, thereby avoiding thermal runaway.

Approved according to NTA 8133:2021 and certified by Kiwa Nederland BV

Available in 2lt and 9lt



Height (mm):                                    590

Diameter (mm):                               175

Mass Empty (kg):                            3.67

Mass Full (kg):                                  12.67

Charge:                                               Water Additive

Propellant:                                         Nitrogen

Discharge distance (m):              65

Working pressure (kPa):              1500

External coating:                              Heavy Duty Powder Coating

Internal Coating:                              Rubber lined.