3M™ Scott™ ProPak Sigma SCBA

The 3M™ Scott™ ProPak Sigma is a Type 2 open circuit, self-contained, compressed air breathing apparatus.
It consists of a back plate, carrying harness and pneumatic system, containing a cylinder connector, reducer, pressure gauge, whistle and demand valve.

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The 3M™ Scott™ ProPak Sigma can be configured in a number
of different ways with various size single cylinders. There are also a range of variants available including Airline (AC), Split Demand Valve Coupling (SDC) and Y Piece configurations (Y2C).
The3M™ Scott™ ProPak Sigma is used in conjunction with a range of composite or steel cylinders and the choice of Vision 3 or Promask PP facemask.

The 3M™ Scott™ ProPak Sigmaa is designed as a marine/industrial fire-fighting SCBA, but is also suitable for providing respiratory protection in any IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Health and Life) environment.

Cleaning should only be carried out as specified in the user instructions. Maintenance and servicing must only be performed by trained personnel following the procedures in the service and maintenance manual.


Firebreak SA_3M Scott_Propak Sigma_Datasheet