3M™ Scott™ ELSA Muster Emergency Life Support Apparatus

The 3M™ Scott™ ELSA Muster (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) is a positive pressure escape set providing air on demand for situations where the escape route may require a lot of physical exertion or where the maximum levels of protection are required. It has an ancillary air in attachment for use at muster stations.

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The 3M™ Scott™ ELSA Muster is an open circuit, positive pressure airline breathing apparatus consisting of; anti-static bag, high pressure reducing valve, automatic positive pressure demand valve and coupling for airline supply hose.
The 3M™ Scott™ ELSA Muster is supplied with either a Positive Pressure Facemask or with Positive Pressure Hood.

The 3M™ Scott™ ELSA Muster is suitable for use in rapid escape situations and in conjunction with the use of Muster Stations.

Cleaning should only be carried out as specified in the user instructions. Maintenance and servicing must only be performed by trained personnel following the procedures in the service and maintenance manual.

Reducing Cylinder Valve (RCV)
Manufactured from nickel plated brass, the valve features an EN144-2 threaded charging connector, a low profile pressure gauge and a handwheel that allows for automatic or manual activation.

Auxiliary air in
The auxiliary air in connection is available in various options of couplings, CEN pattern, ISO6150/US-mil spec C4109 and ISO B couplings.

Carrying bag
The carrying bag is made of anti-static polyeurethane for working in potentially explosive atmospheres.
This is black and is both flame retardant and chemical splash resistant. The bag can be worn across the chest,
as a bandolier or worn with an optional waistbelt.


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